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TikTok’s Strategic Moves in Southeast Asian E-commerce

TikTok, the popular video app owned by China’s ByteDance, is making strategic moves in Southeast Asia. In some countries, Tiktok faces challenges : it was banned in India in 2020 and is under threat in America. To bolster its fortunes, TikTok is eyeing Southeast Asia’s nearly 700m consumers. But TikTok’s ambitions in South-East Asia go beyond silly dance videos. TikTok […]

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An Insight Into the World of Ceramics – Part 2

Among the several raw materials that shape ceramics, none is more iconic than kaolin clay. It possesses unique properties, including a fine particle size and high plasticity. Did you know that the word “kaolin” traces its roots to the Chinese word “gaoling” (高岭), signifying “high hill.” ? It was discovered over a thousand years ago, in Gaoling Village, Jiangxi Province, […]

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An insight into the World of Ceramics – Part 1

Coffee Set Decoration

Did you know that the global ceramics market is valued at 250 billion USD in 2023 ? It is projected to grow to 360 billion USD in 2030. The word ceramic has its origins in the Greek keramos, signifying potter’s clay. But ceramics today are far more than pottery, they are one of the foundational materials in classical materials Science, […]

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