An insight into the World of Ceramics – Part 1

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Did you know that the global ceramics market is valued at 250 billion USD in 2023 ? It is projected to grow to 360 billion USD in 2030. The word ceramic has its origins in the Greek keramos, signifying potter’s clay.

But ceramics today are far more than pottery, they are one of the foundational materials in classical materials Science, alongside metals, polymers, semiconductors, and composites.

Ceramic is a remarkable non-metallic, inorganic solid with a rich heritage. It embodies the fusion of science, art, and technology.

Ceramics boast a versatility that spans industries :
– Tableware: Made of terracotta, earthenware, bone China, or porcelain, ceramics have graced our dining tables for centuries.
–  Sanitaryware: Think of the fixtures in your bathroom for example. The ceramics durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal make them the preferred choice.
–  Technical Ceramics: In the realm of engineering, technical ceramics excel. Their exceptional heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, and wear resistance make them indispensable in various high-tech applications.
– Building Materials: Ceramic tiles are a staple in construction, offering both beauty and functionality as floor and roof coverings.

Around the world, several nations are central to the ceramics industry. In Asia, it’s China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangladesh, while Europe shines with France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Portugal, and Turkey.

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