Packages and Prices

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We propose 4 standard packages.

The Discovery Package

Price : €350/3 hours

The package includes 3 steps:

  •  1-hour discovery call to understand your needs and questions.
  • 1-hour call session to provide you with a first set of answers, 2 weeks after step 1.
  • 1-hour call to provide you with refined answers and actionable advice, 2 weeks after step 2.

The Walk Package
A full-time mission of 1 to 4 working days

Price : €980/day

Examples :

  • Represent you at a strategic meeting
  • Prepare, submit, open a bidding for you
  • Perform a quality control at your partner’s site
  • See more examples below.

The Run Package
A full-time mission of 5 working days

Price : €4800/week

Examples :

  • Comprehensive audit at your partner’s or customer’s site.
  • Customized Business Tour, set up meetings and bring you to sites visits
  • Sales & Marketing campaign, visit customers and prospects with you or for you.
  • Help you to set-up and man your booth at an exhibition.
  • Train your local middle management in sales efficiciency, negotiation skills, finance litteracy, etc..
  • See more examples below.

The Ultra Trail Package
A part-time mission lasting at least 3 months

Retainer : from €2000 to €5000/month

The price consists of :

  • a retainer as mentioned above.
  • a success fee, aligned on the value created.

The retainer amount depends on :

  • your industry field
  • the territory involved
  • the nature of the mission
  • the duration of the mission
  • the part-time intensity of the mission

For multi-sectors & multi-countries missions, contact us for prices.

We also provide full-time interim management missions lasting at least 1 month. Contact us for prices.

The missions consist of services related to your goals and objectives.
The following are examples of services :


  • Competitors mapping
  • Market and trends survey
  • Collection of business intel
  • Your sales forecast estimation
  • Product-market-fit verification
  • Customers, end-users research
  • Export and market entry strategy
  • Legal and trade regulations overview
  • Addressable market sizing estimation
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs identification


  • Business development
  • Promotion & Prospection
  • Sales coordination support
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Prices and contracts negotiation
  • Lobbying and project intelligence
  • Commercial partner/ agent search
  • Translation of documents in Bahasa
  • Attending exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Participation to tenders and biddings
  • Corporate and products presentations
  • Analysis of customs & trade regulations
  • Customers and prospects search & visits
  • Analysis of customers purchasing process
  • Adjusting your value proposition to Indonesia
  • Diagnosis of your export sales admin department


  • Analysis of legal aspects
  • Sourcing and outsourcing
  • Host your staff in Indonesia
  • Analysis of your supply chain
  • Your options for a local entity
  • Quality control audit of partner
  • Local staff search & recruitment
  • Supplier or subcontractor search
  • Advisory on Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Project Management & Coordination
  • Getting licences & permits to operate
  • Translation of key documents in Bahasa
  • Manage and coach your staff in Indonesia
  • Registration of your local office – workshop
  • Technical interpret in English-French-Bahasa
  • Interim management of your local organization
  • Due diligence and background checks on partners

Payment Terms

The present prices are for indication only.
Firm prices are sent through formal quotations upon request.

All prices are excluding taxes and excluding expenses.

Discovery  Package: 100% downpayment.
Walk and Run Packages: 50% downpayment, 50% after the mission.
Ultra Trail Package: 30% downpayment, remaining 70% paid in equal monthly instalments.


You can apply for subsidies from your national export agencies.

For France, we can support you with our partner Expansio.

Click here to learn how Expansion can help you identify and apply for the export subsidies.

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