Viva La Technology, Paris 2024

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Which major tech event happens this week in Paris?
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Yesterday marked the beginning of VivaTech 2024.

A 4-day leading technology conference in Paris, France.

Since its inception, VivaTech has rapidly grown into one of the most influential events in the tech world, attracting :

▶ startups
▶ investors
▶ innovators
▶ industry leaders
from across the globe.

VivaTech was first launched in 2016 by French Publicis Groupe.

Publicis Groupe, founded in 1926 and headquartered in Paris, is one of the world’s largest and most influential advertising and communications companies.

Its annual sales is 15 billion EURO (2023) and it has 100 000 employees.

Its market capitalization is the world’s biggest in its sector at 27 billion EURO.

Publicis Groupe has long been a pioneer in the advertising industry.

It has expanded its influence worldwide, offering a wide range of services including :

✅ marketing
✅ communications
✅ and digital transformation.

VivaTech was created with the vision of fostering innovation and connecting startups with major global players.

The event features a myriad of activities, from keynote speeches and panel discussions to live demonstrations and startup pitches.

With a diverse lineup that highlights the latest advancements in :

❇ artificial intelligence
❇ sustainability
❇ digital health
❇ and more

France’s role in the global technology ecosystem is underscored by events like VivaTech.

The export activities of French tech firms have seen considerable growth, contributing to France’s reputation as a key player in the global tech arena.

Technology-related companies are the biggest exporters in France.

France has about 200 000 companies.

10 000 of them are exporting about 780 billion EURO (2021) worth of goods and services.

60% of which is made by technical companies.

Over the years, VivaTech has hosted an array of high-profile speakers, including :

🤴 CEOs of tech giants
🕵‍♂️ visionary entrepreneurs
👮‍♂️ and influential policymakers.

Elon Musk will answer a Q&A sessions at VivaTech.

But don’t expect to shake his hand at the event, he will attend remotely.

Because he is currently in … Indonesia with a pretty busy agenda.

➡ Launching his Starlink satellite internet service.
➡ Speaking at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali.

If you are French and go to VivaTech, there is a chance you will complain that you cannot meet Elon in person.

French love to complain and are often the first perpetrators of “France bashing”, or the art of criticism and pessimism.

VivaTech is a testament to France’s technological strength and its ability to drive innovation on a global scale and … make France great again 🤠.

VivaTech showcases what Tech and French Tech have to offer to the world.

Viva la Technology, Vive la France.

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Picture: Publicis.