Presidential Elections in Indonesia : Continuity is Coming

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The world’s third-largest democracy goes to the ballot box on 😍 Valentine’s Day 2024.

The latest reports and trends on the 2024 Indonesian Presidential elections indicate continuity in the country’s policies.

This is good news for business 🤝 and investment. 📈

President Jokowi leaves office with high popularity 🙌 (around 80%) due to strong 💪 economic growth during his decade in office.

Jokowi’s influence will play a pivotal role in determining the next leader of Indonesia.

Prabowo Subianto 🥇 , the current defense minister, leads in polls, followed closely by Ganjar Pranowo 🥈 .

Both leading candidates pledge to continue Jokowi’s signature policies, including
➡ the development of the nickel industry
➡ and ambitious infrastructure projects, such as creating IKN, the new capital in Borneo.

Prabowo Subianto is
➡ The leader of Gerindra party, third-largest in parliament.
➡ Former army general with a controversial past but enjoys strong middle-class support.

Ganjar Pranowo is
➡ Former governor of Central Java
➡ Has a ten-year track record in Central Java, articulating sophisticated policies.

Anies Baswedan 🥉 trails in polls, he
➡ Is former governor of Jakarta and education minister
➡ Has running mate from the influential Muslim organization Nahdlatul Ulama.

Surveys suggest no candidate will win outright in the first round of February 2024, predicting a runoff in June 2024.

Last week, the 3 candidates have clashed in the first of five live 📺 televised debates, ahead of the presidential election.

The debate, which lasted two and a half hours, was at times fiery.

Candidates sparred over :

➡ human rights abuses across Indonesia 🤔
➡ and a recent controversial decision by Indonesia’s Constitutional Court to lower the minimum age limit for elected officials to run for the presidency and vice presidency.

The next live TV debate is set for December 22 and will focus on
🌏 geopolitics
⚔ defense & security
🌐 and international relations.

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Sources: The Economist, Aljazeera, see links in comments (open post on LinkedIn)
Photo: The Economist