Management Lessons from Game of Thrones

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In France in 2019, I attended a conference on management given by Cyrille Sardais, a great professor at HEC Montreal.

During the conference, Cyrille presented his incredible book: “Petit Traité de Management.”

The book uses iconic characters from Game of Thrones (GOT) to explore the fundamental principles of management.

It presents the three major managerial logics through an in-depth study of the actions, intentions, and perceptions of three key characters:

1. Charismatic Management: Inspired by Daenerys Targaryen, it is a management style that relies on the charisma of the leader to motivate and influence teams.

2. Technical Management: Embodied by Tyrion Lannister, it focuses on technical skills and mastery of processes.

3. Organic Management: Represented by Jon Snow, it emphasizes adaptability, collaboration, and consideration of individual and collective needs.

If you are, like me, a die-hard fan of GOT, you will love this book.

Not only will you enjoy revisiting the epic GOT saga, but you will also improve your management knowledge and skills.

At the end of the conference, I rushed to buy the book and ask for a dedication signed by Cyrille.

Cyrille asked me to choose one sentence from GOT for him to write in the book.

I picked the Ironborn clan’s most iconic prayer, “What is dead may never die.”

I love this phrase because it reflects the ideas of death, rebirth, and resilience.

The Ironborn believe that death doesn’t truly defeat them; instead, they rise again, harder and stronger.

It’s a testament to their endurance and determination.

The other day, while working on my marketing strategy, I looked at my library for the Kotler and Keller reference book on Marketing.

My eye was caught by Cyrille’s book nearby.

Immediately, I began browsing Cyrille’s book, immersing myself in the fantastic world of GOT.

The first thing I saw inside the book was, on the first page, the dedicated phrase, handwritten by Cyrille: “What is dead may never die.”

A part of my mind was still working on my marketing.

Suddenly, the association was made, and this phrase came out : “What is unpriced may never sell.”

There was the solution to my marketing puzzle !

We then decided to create a new page on our Cintasia website with the prices of our consulting services.

Some people told us that this might not be a good idea.

To all of them, we replied with the iconic phrase: “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

The link to our Cintasia prices is www.cintasia/com/prices/

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