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On 10/10/2023 La French Tech Indonesia will hold its annual summit in Jakarta.

An event aiming to foster innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing within the Tech ecosystem, with a special focus this year on … artificial intelligence (what else !? ).

Book your seat here LA FRENCH TECH INDONESIA.

La French Tech Indonesia has just released its latest Newsletter featuring an article on our company CINTASIA with following takeaways :

Indonesia’s large consumer base makes it an expansive market with tremendous potential, constituting 35% of the ASEAN economy.

Despite its potential, Indonesia faces challenges due to its diverse language, culture, history, religion, and regulatory constraints.

The Indonesian government has implemented reforms, notably the 2020 Omnibus Law, to simplify regulations and attract foreign investment.

However, the complexity of the market persists, requiring careful navigation by businesses.

CINTASIA , a tech-oriented consulting firm based in Jakarta, specializes in addressing these challenges by offering comprehensive solutions to overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and regulatory complexities.

CINTASIA goes beyond sales and marketing: we also specialize in establishing local supply chains, sourcing and purchasing goods or services, recruitment, and even assisting workshops and factories set-up.

CINTASIA provides a holistic approach to business development in Indonesia, addressing not just market entry but also long-term operational success.

Established in 2022, CINTASIA has earned recognition in July 2023 as an official partner in Indonesia of Team France Export and Business France, an alliance of French public agencies focused on supporting French businesses in international markets.

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