Indonesia International Manufacturing Exhibition 2023

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The 32nd International Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment, Materials Exhibition is happening in Jakarta from 6 to 9 December 2023.

This exhibition covers Industrial Automation and Logistics, Machine Tools, and Hand tools.

It provides a cost-effective way to increase your business in Southeast Asia’s biggest manufacturing market.

It includes a Manufacturing Digital Platform showcasing the latest digital automation technologies, solutions, and innovations in the manufacturing industry.

Product categories include:

  • air power
  • precision tools
  • drives & controls
  • material handling
  • metrology & quality
  • industrial equipment
  • process & automation
  • fluids power & systems
  • metal working machines
  • package & food processing
  • factory & asset management
  • and more.

According to the organizers, the 2022 exhibition edition attracted 25000 people, and 840 exhibiting companies from 33 countries under one roof of 18000 square meters.

You badly want to come to this event but you cannot because:

  • You are busy in the office preparing the 2024 budget or sales forecast
  • Your mother-in-law wants you at home on those dates to prepare for Christmas
  • Your boss won’t pay for your flight ticket, fearing that you will then fly to Bali for Holidays
  • All of the above (really ?!)

In any case, don’t worry, we at Cintasia, have a field agent on the ground who will attend this exhibition.

We can go there for you and:

  • Collect all data and business cards you need
  • Talk to your client or partner targets and ask them your questions
  • Take pictures of the stands in your areas of interest
  • Investigate a specific or strategic topic for you
  • Capture the business trends and confidence index
  • Report all the above to you


Please send us a direct message on LinkedIn or by email at bonjour@cintasia.com to learn more.

The link to the 2023 exhibition is: https://www.manufacturingindonesia.com/


See you there!

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