Indonesia Aluminium Smelter Inalum

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Inalum is Indonesia’s only state-owned primary aluminium plant, also called a smelter. It produces about 270 thousand metric tons of pure metal per year. The original technology used at the start of the plant, 47 years ago, is Sumitomo from Japan.

Since then, Inalum has engaged in many programs of modernization and technological upgrades. Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) is a major global technology provider and producer of Aluminium, based in Dubai.

EGA and Inalum have achieved a significant milestone with the successful startup of the EGA pilot upgrade program earlier this month at Inalum plant. This marks the initial phase of a broader project aimed at upgrading 60% of the smelter.

The principle is to boost amperage and increase production capacity by approximately 10%. Thus optimizing metal production while reducing energy consumption and emissions.

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Picture: Inside the Inalum plant
Source: Inalum Website

PS: If you enter an aluminum smelter, keep your hands inside your pockets. A direct current of several hundreds of thousands Ampere flows in an invisible loop around you ⚡ : don’t touch anything !????