IKN Nusantara: the Indonesian Dream City of the Future

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In Kalimantan province, construction🏗 is underway for Indonesia’s new capital city, Nusantara.

This monumental project, started in 2020, is known as IKN, short for Ibu Kota Negara, or Capital City🏛in Bahasa.

Why do you think Indonesia is building IKN?
a) Because the current capital Jakarta is sinking🏊‍♀️?
b) To create a city of the future🏰?

IKN is part of the ambitious Golden Indonesia 2045 vision👀.

This vision, launched by President Joko Widodo in 2019, aims for Indonesia to become a sovereign and prosperous nation💪by 2045.

Moving the capital to Kalimantan was already mentioned by Indonesia’s first president Sukarno in 1957.

IKN, scheduled for full completion by 2045, is set to welcome its first residents in 2024.

What will happen to traffic-clogged, overcrowded, and flood-prone Jakarta?

People moving to IKN will reduce the pressure on Jakarta 🙏.

Jakarta will:
❌not be put in boxes and shipped to Kalimantan
❌not disappear under the water
✅remain the country’s economic hub

Nusantara will become the political center.

It will be like Mumbai & Delhi or Shanghai & Beijing.

Now back to the Dream🎆.

Did you know the film “Avatar, the Way of the Water” was inspired by Indonesia’s Bajo tribe?

The Bajo are a nomadic sea 🛶 tribe. They live in the sea on stilts and rafts.

I am fascinated by the Avatar movies. And I see a parallel between the Nusantara and Avatar.

Both share a vision, a dream of a better future based on harmony⚖in society and nature.

Critics of IKN, including economists, politicians, and environmental advocates, engage in a heated debate🗣.

IKN is projected to attract USD 32 billion in investment, creating a new economic center📈in Indonesia.

Leading companies such as Microsoft and Cisco are already on board to shape Nusantara into a smart city.

Contributing digital technologies such as internet infrastructure, cyber security, digital operating and security systems, green transformation, and artificial intelligence.

Sensor networks and IoT will collect and deliver data and information.

Connectivity technology will manage water and energy, autonomous buses, and urban planning.

Sensor-based technology will collect real-time data, such as CCTV cameras monitoring congestion points or sensors detecting air and water quality.

IKN aims to revolutionize🤘urban living.

The 8 main principles of IKN are:

🎄 Green, with a design according to nature
🦅Unity in diversity, universal, inclusive
🚄 High connectivity and mobility
⚡ Low carbon emission energy
♻ Recycling, sustainable
👌 Safe, convenient
📱 Digital Services
💲 GDP growth

The vision of Nusantara may not involve riding giant birds🐓like in Avatar.
But with the rapid pace of technological progress, anything is possible!🚀

From Indonesia with love❤️,
Yours sincerely,
Jake Sully

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