Gold Mining Indonesia

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There is gold in Indonesia.
Solid gold metal.

If you have not yet watched the 2016 movie GOLD with the formidable actor Matthew McConaughey, then stop reading this article and watch it 😎.

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Indonesia is not only a land of golden business opportunities, it is also a big mining country.

It is hard to believe but still many people don’t know about it.

Indonesia is located at the junction of several major tectonic plates, making it a geologically active area.

This privileged position on the Pacific Ring of Fire (see our previous article “green electricity from volcanoes”), where several tectonic plates converge and collide, is the origin of numerous geological processes leading to the creation of significant mineral resources.

Indonesia produces 680 million of metric ton per year (2020) considering all metals and minerals.

At this volume, Indonesia is the world sixth bigger producer behind China, USA, Russia, Australia, India.

In particular Indonesia has the following global ranking for ore reserves:

➡ Copper  :  7
➡ Bauxite : 5
➡ Cobalt : 2
➡ Nickel : 1
➡ Gold: 12
➡ Tin : 2

Bauxite is mostly located in the Borneo island.

Nickel more in Sulawesi island.

Gold in the Papua province.

Copper in Maluku islands and East Java.

Tin in the east coast of Sumatra island.

Did you know ?! ➡

The Australian mining giant BHP (ex BHP BILLITON) got its name after the island of BELITUNG (Sumatra) because BHP operated Tin mines there for so long that the company took the island’s name.

Besides the reserves of ores, in terms of metal production, Indonesia is by far the world biggest producer of Nickel with 1,6 million metric ton per year, or almost 60% of the world total.

In 2023, the part of mining in the Indonesian economy was 13% of GDP.

Some major Indonesian players include :

➡ PT FREEPORT (Copper, Gold, Silver)
➡ ANTAM (Nickel, Gold, Bauxite)
➡ INALUM (Aluminium)
➡ ADARO (Coal)
➡ TIMAH (Tin)

The French Embassy trade office in Jakarta organizes a one-week mining business tour in Indonesia in November 2024.

Let me know if you need more details or the contact person.

In June 2024, Indonesia Miner holds its annual mining conference in Jakarta, with highlight on Gold, Copper, Nickel and Coal:


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Picture : Poster of the movie Gold, 2016, directed by Stephen Gaghan