Embark on a Guided Business Tour of Indonesia

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Welcome to wonderful Indonesia, where business opportunities thrive amidst stunning landscapes.

Our carefully curated tour will unveil the pulsating heartbeat of Indonesia’s economic activity while ensuring you enjoy every moment of your adventure.

Let the excitement begin.


Day 1: Jakarta – West Java

West Java is Indonesia’s manufacturing powerhouse and boasts a thriving electric vehicle battery production.

Explore Cikarang, 55km east of Jakarta, home to Indonesia’s largest automotive factories.

Venture further east to Karawang, where PT HKML Battery Indonesia awaits, standing as one of Southeast Asia’s largest EV battery factories.


Day 2: Pekanbaru – Riau, Sumatra

Take a 2-hour flight from Jakarta to Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau Province, the nation’s top Crude Palm Oil producer.

Visit esteemed companies like PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources, an important contributor to Indonesia’s crude palm oil output of 47 million metric tons per year, making the country the world’s largest producer.

Drive 65km east to Pangkalan Kerinci and visit Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, one of the largest pulp mills in the world.


Day 3: Balikpapan – East Kalimantan

Journey to Balikpapan on the enchanting island of Borneo.

We have to take 2 flights, 2 hours each, with one stop in Jakarta.

Marvel at the region’s robust economy fuelled by vast natural resources.

Drive 2 hours and explore Nusantara, the new capital city project IKN, opening a new era of smart cities and green technologies.


Day 4: Morowali – Central Sulawesi

To fly to Morowali, we again have to fly twice, 1 hour each time, with one stop in Palu.

Morowali is a nickel super hub nestled in Central Sulawesi.

Most of the development of Central Sulawesi is in the Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP), a collaboration between Bintang Empat Group (Indonesia) and Tsingshan Group (China).


Day 5: Ternate – North Maluku

Embark on the final leg of your adventure to Ternate, in the exotic province of North Maluku.

Witness the thriving nickel industry driving the province’s exponential growth.

The only way there is to fly through Makassar (1h flight from Morowali), where we can grab a direct 2h flight to Ternate.

Among the large nickel companies is Harita Nickel, operating a 240,000-ton nickel plant.

Another key project is the Sonic Bay HPAL Complex in the Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park (IWIP), a partnership between Eramet and BASF, worth USD 2.6 billion.


As your exhilarating journey draws to a close, reflect on the myriad of business opportunities that Indonesia offers.

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This article is inspired by a brilliant 37-page report by Grant Thornton Indonesia.

Let us know at bonjour@cintasia.com if you want a copy of the report.


Below is an addition to the above LinkedIn post.

The Grant Thornton report highlights 5 macroeconomics mega trends:


Domestic Consumption Boom

Indonesia’s economy will grow by more than 5% in 2024. The 2024 presidential elections have fuelled a spending wave, in addition to the fundamental boost from a rapidly growing middle class. A young population and rising middle-income class continue to form the underlying support of the economy.


Investment Uptrend

Government infrastructure projects, including the new IKN (Nusantara) development, create a fertile ground for increased investment.


Sectoral Gems

Nickel shines bright in the mining and excavation sector, riding the wave of the electric vehicle revolution. The government has planned a nickel downstream program to run from 2023 to 2045, with 200 billion USD investment by 2045.

Since 2021, Ningbo Contemporary Brunp Lygend Co. Ltd (China) and LG Energy Solution (South Korea) have invested 15 billion USD in EV battery production in Indonesia.


Policy Continuity

Prabowo Subianto is now confirmed to be the next President of Indonesia.

His economic policies prioritize economic stability and development, ensuring policy continuity from Joko Widodo’s regime including :

– a focus on building infrastructure across the country

– further push into downstream industrialization aiming at attracting raw material transformation activities in Indonesia, therefore capturing much more value added

– as well as a sustained investment in the metals and mining sectors.


Robust FDI flows

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is expected to remain steady, with metals, mining, and transportation sectors beckoning investors.

The government’s focus on downstream industries adds further allure. The total FDI to Indonesia reached USD 50 billion for 2023.


Now a few figures to locate Indonesia in the global picture.

The Global Economy is likely to grow 2,5% or 3% in 2024.

It is beyond 5% for Indonesia.

Whereas it is forecasted at 1,5% for Europe and the USA.


In terms of GDP, Indonesia’s economy is “only” world #16, but it’s a giant #1 in South East Asia.

To help you compare, see some 2023 GDP figures, in billion USD (not adjusted for purchasing power parity).

USA : 26 200

France : 2 800

Indonesia : 1 400

Malaysia : 400


Indonesia annual total export value total is near USD 300 billion.

20% going to China

15% to Asean

7% to USA

6% to India

5% Europe


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