Due Diligence and Far West Rodeo

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How is your French?

Do you know how to say “stagecoach” in French?

➡ Diligence


The most famous stagecoach was the Concord model, developed by Abbot and Downing in 1827 in New Hampshire, USA.


When discussing Due Diligence with a French company, make sure they understand the topic is about:

✅ background checks

❌ not a horse carriage


The phrase “due diligence” has been used since the mid-1400s.

Diligence means: “constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken”.

Diligence comes from Old French: attention, care, haste, speed.


A modern definition of Due Diligence could be:

The investigation 🕵‍♂️ or exercise of care that a reasonable business or person is expected to take before entering into an agreement or business relationship 🤝 with another party.


This investigation is usually done on a company that is a target 🎯 for merger, acquisition, or partnership.

The Due Diligence will inform you of the costs 💲, benefits 💎, and risks 😱 of engaging with the target company.


It usually includes checks and risk analysis on :


🔹Track record

🔹Political risks


🔹Market trends

🔹Tax compliance

🔹CSR compliance

🔹Bankruptcy filing

🔹Unresolved lawsuits

🔹Financial statements

🔹Employees screening

🔹Corporate ownership

🔹Corruption and bribery

🔹Customers and suppliers

🔹Intellectual property rights

🔹Management performance

🔹Regulatory sanctions history

🔹Validity of registrations & permits


The above is proposed and provided by most of all consulting firms, including CINTASIA 🇲🇫 🇮🇩 .

This list can seem a lot but we believe it is the minimum.

It lacks checking the target’s 🏭 core activity.

Done through site visits 🏃‍♂️ and interviews 🗣.


Say your target company has a factory.

If you do not enter the factory, you will miss vital details ❌ .

If you enter the factory but know nothing 🤷‍♂️ about the process and machines then guess what?

❌ You will miss vital details.


So besides the usual checks, you must enter the factory with technical expert eyes ✅ .

Only technical expert eyes 👀 watching a production process will be able to tell you if:

👍the plant has good productivity

👎or is near collapse


A non-expert will not make the difference ❌


When you look at the inventory and see 50 cubic meters of raw material:

Is it too much or too little?

Only a technical process expert can tell you ✅


That is the added value we offer at CINTASIA 🇲🇫 🇮🇩


Coming back to the American Far West stagecoach and Business Due diligence:

There is no link between the 2 of course.

However, without due diligence, especially in the Far East, your business might experience Far West Rodeo 🐎

Leave Rodeo to Cowboys 🤠 and mitigate your business risks in Indonesia with a professional consultant.


Book a 30-minute free consultation with us at bonjour@cintasia.com

PS: Did you know that American Far West hero Lucky Luke was created by a Belgian cartoonist?