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Do you know about the Pacific Ring of Fire?
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The Pacific Ring of Fire is a tectonic belt of volcanoes and earthquakes spanning 40 000 km around the Pacific Ocean and housing about 800 volcanoes.

Volcanic regions host underground reservoirs of hot water, a resource harnessed for geothermal power production.

Geothermal power is a renewable form of energy produced by accessing those reservoirs found several km below the Earth’s surface.

The principle is to use heat from the Earth’s molten core.

Accessed via a well, the pressurized hot water rises up and expands into steam.

That steam is used to spin a turbine, which then drives an electric generator.

70% of the world’s geothermal energy is produced in Asia and North America.

The USA is the world leader in geothermal electricity production with about 4 GW (gigawatt) of installed capacity.

Indonesia follows with about 2,5 GW.

The Philippines is third with about 2 GW.

The world’s total renewable energy capacity is about 3000 GW.
40% of which is from hydro. 28% from solar. 28% from wind.
And only a tiny 0,5% or 15 GW is from geothermal.

Geothermal power is less efficient than the other types of energy :
➡ The biggest geothermal installation in the world is “The Geysers” in California needs 15 power plants to make 1,2 GW.
➡ While one large hydropower plant can alone produce 10 GW.
➡ And one large solar power plant can alone produce 2 GW.

Geothermal energy faces other challenges, including higher initial capital costs and limited geographical viability near tectonic plates.

However, geothermal energy boasts constant availability, unaffected by day-night cycles or weather conditions, and requires minimal footprint.

There are about 20 geothermal power plants in Indonesia today.

The 5 biggest are :
➡ Salak 380 MW
➡ Sarulla 330 MW
➡ Darajat, 270 MW
➡ Kamojang 235 MW
➡ Wayang Windu 230 MW

The total potential geothermal resources of Indonesia are estimated at 30 GW. Which is twelve times the current production.

If you want to make an impact đź‘Š and contribute to a â™» greener world, then come to Indonesia!

Later this year, Indonesia will hold its 10th international geothermal convention and exhibition.

It is the perfect event to learn more about this industry.
The date will be announced soon.
The link is : https://iigce.com/

I am ILANN AMRAM 🇲🇫 🇮🇩, co-founder of CINTASIA 🇲🇫 🇮🇩 , we bring your technology and industrial equipment to Indonesia and ASEAN.

PS: Did you know !? When the Krakatoa, a volcano in Indonesia, erupted in 1883, the Norwegian artist Munch, out on a walk, saw the sky turn red halfway across the world and later was inspired to draw the famous painting The Scream in 1893.

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